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ABB Tropos Wireless Communication Systems

Tropos Wireless Communication Systems

Tropos outdoor wireless broadband IP mesh networks are trusted by customers to enable mission critical applications. More than 1,000 customers in over 50 countries - in markets such as utilities, oil and gas, mining, industrial and smart cities - trust Tropos broadband mesh networks to provide a reliable, secure, scalable, high performance foundation upon which they operate one or many business essential applications. Tropos customers use their broadband mesh networks to monitor and control thousands of automation devices in the field and large outdoor facilities and to communicate with mobile workers.

IP for smart grid communications
IP for Smart Grids

GTM Research explores the benefits and challenges of proprietary versus IP networks for electric power distribution networks
Learn more about IP for Smart Grids for extreme applications.
PotashCorp trusts Tropos to network phosphate mines

Tropos wireless mesh networks improve mines' efficiency and safety
Learn more about Phoenix's Tropos mesh network.
Wireless Communications for Substation Automation
Learn about the benefits of using wireless mesh networks in substation modernization projects

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