Tropos holds more than 50 patents related to the core technology used to build wireless mesh networks.

Tropos networks support mission-critical applications using open industry standards such as WiFi, Ethernet and IP. The foundation for Tropos networks is field-proven technology that includes Tropos’ outdoor and mobile routers; the patented Tropos Mesh OS built from the ground-up for large scale, mission-critical outdoor network deployments; point-to-multipoint base stations and subscriber units; and Tropos Control, a carrier-class wireless network management system.

Tropos networks are implemented by installing Tropos’ wireless broadband mesh routers throughout the coverage area. These units typically mount on street lights, utility poles, traffic signal poles and other mounting locations approximately 30 feet above ground level.

Tropos mesh routers combine the industry's most sophisticated mesh networking intelligence, designed from the ground up to optimize throughput in a dynamic, metro-scale outdoor networks, with purpose-built hardware that is ruggedized and weatherized to withstand extreme weather conditions. Each router includes one or more open-standards-based 802.11a/b/g/n radios optimized for outdoor use.  Fixed and mobile nodes can be mixed on a single network to create a mesh with dynamic coverage areas. Each mesh router provides wireless connectivity to standard 802.11 clients and extends the wireless router coverage area of the Tropos network.

Each Tropos mesh router includes all of the robust features of Tropos Mesh OS.  Tropos Mesh OS is the cornerstone of the decentralized Tropos mesh architecture. A common software platform that runs on each router across the network, Tropos Mesh OS leverages the router’s on-board intelligence to monitor and maximize performance.

Tropos networks are managed by Tropos Control, a comprehensive and scalable management system platform. Tropos Control supports the implementation and optimization of the infrastructure, as well as ongoing monitoring and management of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) for the network.  It also provides full FCAPS (Fault, Configuration, Accounting, Performance, and Security) functionality and a comprehensive query and reporting capability for daily evaluation, trend identification, and both client device and network troubleshooting support.

The Tropos network architecture is protected by more than 50 hardware and software patents. Key Tropos intellectual property includes patents regarding wireless mesh routing, radio resource management, mobility, network management and optimization, and endpoint connection reliability.

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